Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Post-Apocalyptic B/XE Playtesting Session No. 2

Or how I was trying to run a heist, and then my players went full on Rambo...

Continuing from last session, the party had just pulled up next to a giant ship suspended on tank treads. They jumped inside and met the two new party members, who were also trying to rescue people who were kidnapped and taken onboard. One was a motorist who had grenades and a hand cannon, and the other was a gladiator who used a crowbar. The inventor and marksmen were gone, so I said they would just continue driving the car alongside the battle yacht while the party explored it.
Representative of the pseudo-Vikings
The party first entered the engine room, where they beat up on the person shoveling coal into the modified train engines. They managed to do this without attracting suspicion. The cardinal sent his follower up the ladder to check on the second floor and saw three pseudo-Vikings in a distillery/brewery. They threw a grenade up and ignited the, fairly potent, brews. The cardinal then used a (human) leather jacket scavenged off of the stoker to beat off the flames while the party escaped into the next closest room. They promptly freaked out when it was full of storage tanks for 'guzzoline' and scrambled up to the third floor, which was where all of the water tanks were stored.

They bashed holes in the floor below and poured the water from the tanks down into the gasoline room, trying to stop the fire from spreading and igniting the gasoline tanks. They then hurried over to the other room on the third floor, the kitchen. The cardinal informed the chef of the fire and the chef hurried up to the fourth floor, the cabins. There were eight Norse cosplayers in this area, so the gladiator dragged the chef down back to the third floor. The monkey tried chucking his dagger at the chef but just ended up hitting the gladiator in the back.

The cardinal used his morphine to recover from the battle with the stoker and cut the ladder preventing the Vikings from coming down to the third floor. The motorist then tried to throw another grenade.... before rolling a natural one and TPKing the entire party, except for the cardinal who used his follower to take the blow for him.

It turns out, grenades aren't the answer to every combat. Besides that, the system held up quite well and I think all of the party held up well in comparison, but I should add an AoE exception clause for the follower's ability to take a blow.