Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Magical Spaceship Adventures Concept/Status Update

I'm still thinking about my 200 word RPG from a while back, Magical Spaceship Adventures, and about making it into a full PbtA hack. I would have to crowdfund the production though... I also may want to run a mini-crowdfunding campaign for On the Shoulders of Giants to commission additional artwork from Scrap Princess. The goal for that would only be ~100 dollars or so and the product would get released regardless though. However, I am working on yet another project with Amora Game at the moment, and am also working on a submission/pitch to Pyramid, the GURPS magazine. Plus, I worked a little bit on Mike Myler's Operation: Nazi Smasher for Hypercorps 2099, writing a couple descriptions. Do note that crowdfunding isn't my first avenue for a project, I just will need a little extra artwork for On the Shoulders of Giants and any major project I do (Magical Spaceship Adventures, an OSR RPG I'm working on, etc. etc.) would need to be crowdfunded or passed off onto another publisher because I don't exactly have a massive budget (or much of a budget at all...).

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